Bit.Tube Review, The Youtube Alternative With Videos on Blockchain

We all realize that “blockchain” is here for the long haul. That is the reason why everybody is embracing it. Even the technology opponents are sneaking around testing the technology and claiming patents.

Bit.Tube a video platform powered by the blockchain aims to create a fair marketplace for publishers and advertisers and better user experience.

In this article, I will talk about this why this is a revolutionary idea that will transform the video industry, making use of the blockchain technology and TUBE, the platform cryptocurrency.

What Is Bit.Tube and how it works?

Bit.Tube is the evolving youtube, with, decentralized … Read the rest

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The Ethereum Lottery Built on a Smart Contract and Visible in Blockchain

With the amazing features, the Ethereum network offers it is possible to make Dapps that you do not need to trust any humans but you can verify and trust an algorithm.

The Ethereum Smart Contract Lottery works in a way that when 11 players have joined the game, the contract randomly will select one of the 11 players and send the winner 10/11 of the funds while 1/11 of the funds is sent to the contract creator.

The lottery is provably fair, it runs automatically by a smart contract and results are visible in the blockchain.

This is how the … Read the rest

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Weak Hands Dumping Turkish Lira, Cryptocurrency Performing Better

In the uncertain economic climate in Turkey, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies looking very good.

As shown in the chart below the Turkish lira has lost more than 73% of its value in the last 10 years. Life savings, investments, and pensions suffered and extremely devaluation.

Despite the big selloff in cryptocurrencies markets in 2018 and the massive drop of bitcoin in November nearly 33%, the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing in Turkey and this is clearly shown by the volume in the chart below.

But what is causing the Turkish Lira devaluation?

Back in August 2018 when Donald Trump tweeted about … Read the rest

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CoinPoker Invites Cryptography and Poker Experts to Debunk their Transparent Card Shuffling Software and Take Home 1,000,000 CHP Bug Bounty

CoinPoker, a cryptocurrency based online poker platform, is pleased to announce the official release of its open source random number generation software that allows the players to engage in card shuffling and verify the fairness of hands. The launch of this software promises to be a giant step forward for the industry, and CoinPoker is offering a 1,000,000 CHP Bug Bounty to the testers for identifying flaws in the software.

Prior to the inception of CoinPoker in 2017, transparency and security of online poker games were serious concerns for the industry. Card shuffling software and random number generators have … Read the rest

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