Deutsche Bank  Which Constantly Criticizes Bitcoin is being investigated For Money Laundering

Today November 29 Bloomberg reported a police operation in the headquarters of the Deutsche Bank with two employees suspected for involvement in money laundering.  The stock fell almost 5% following the scandal.

Deutsche Bank is known for its criticism to bitcoin calling it a risk for criDeutschectivity. The bank has been reported many times for links to the Panama Papers scandal, and they paid more than $18 billion in fines the last 10 years.

Bloomberg reported citing prosecutors:

Deutsche “may have helped customers in setting up seaward organizations in assessment sanctuaries.”

They also added:

“Money obtained illegally may have been

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Bakkt CEO says, Starbucks May Accept Bitcoin

When Bakkt announced their launch back in August many articles started popping out about Starbucks accepting bitcoin in the near future.

The news was not confirmed at the time and Starbuck merely expressed that it will have an important role in the development of applications that empower costumers to convert cryptocurrencies into cash.

However, at the time, Starbucks didn’t express to having any plans on accepting Bitcoin. But today, at the Consensus Invest, Kelly Loeffler, Bakkt’s CEO, said that Bakkt is working with Starbucks to give its clients more alternatives in their capacity to pay, especially with bitcoins.

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Arbolet Cryptocurrency Services Guide

Arbolet platform has been created with the beginner user in mind. The platform offers security, a simple and user-friendly graphical interface, the ability to manage an account in USD which is appreciated by beginners that are not yet familiar with cryptocurrencies. Arbolet offers also a sophisticated learning system where beginners gradually learn how to handle and work with Bitcoin and use it effectively.

This is done with quizzes, educational articles without ads and no distracting elements. Arbolet has also had a vastly extensive news section and a member´s forum. It is also worth mentioning the community, which processes the general … Read the rest

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More Women Involvement in Crypto Could Send Bitcoin Price Up

Going under $ 4,000 for the first time this year, bitcoin is down by more than 80% compared to the all-time high back in December 2017 when the price hit the $20,000 mark.

While the price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies rose last year, most of this rise, more than 20 times, was driven by men. One Google search analysis pointed out hat 95% of people who were searching for the term  “Bitcoin” were male, while 5% only were women. These results seem to be shifting to other cryptocurrencies too like Ethereum for example. Women make only 4% of the … Read the rest

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