3 Factors Causing the Ethereum (ETH) Price Decline

Early in January this year, Ethereum price hit $14,000, then crypto-world entered in a bear market and like other cryptocurrencies ETH price had considerable loses. At the time of writing Ethereum is changing hands under the $200 price. The digital currency has hit a decrease of about 85% (compared to its top price) on 12th of October hitting $189. The dip was caused by some fake news about Goldman Sachs halting plans for a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading desk.
It is important to remember that Ethereum was trading at around $300 the last year in the same period.… Read the rest

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Why Bitcoin Will Rally Again In November 2018

Bitcoin price has been quite stable in the past 6 weeks which is unusual for bitcoin. It is exchanging in the range of $6100 and $6900. In addition, it is trading in a more wider range between $6000 and $8000  for the 5 months now. This is unusual for the bitcoin price which is known for its extreme volatility. However, indicators are on the bulls side and an uptrend is predicted in the coming weeks.

In this article, we will cover 3 unique perspectives why Bitcoin is probably going to rally in the following 2 to 3 weeks.

Bitcoin price

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Fractional Reserve Cryptocurrency Bank — 210 Million Bitcoins Supply

People are realizing more every day that all those derivative markets are fraud. The crypto market is waiting for BAKKT to launch physical Bitcoin futures and many think that this will start a new bull run in the crypto market. On the other side, we have a patent application from Mastercard for a fractional reserve Bitcoin banking which many think that will increase the Bitcoin supply from 21 million to 210 million.

Some days ago we wrote an article about Mastercard applying for a patent for Fractional Reserve Cryptocurrency Bank — Application 20180308092

But what is Fractional Reserve Banking?

What … Read the rest

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Mastercard Files Patent for Bitcoin Transactions on Credit Cards

We all know how much banks hate bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and we early this month wrote an article about Why Bitcoin is a Real Threat to the Traditional Financial System

But as an old proverb says “if you can’t beat them, join them” If your enemy is stronger then you, it is better for you to join their side.

This is what Mastercard is trying to do with the last patent they filed about Fractional Reserve Cryptocurrency Bank.

Cryptocurrencies & Mastercard: Not a Friendly Relationship

Like most financial institutions and companies, Mastercard never predicted the blockchain implementation, and by the … Read the rest

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