Bitmain’s Antminer S9 Announced at 14 th/s Using 16nm ASICs

Bitmain has just released the specifications and a rough shipping time frame of the long-awaited Antminer S9 using the new 16nm process for the ASIC.  


The new S9 uses 189 chips to achieve this speed across 3 boards. Power consumption has been dropped to 0.1 J/GH for a power pull of roughly 1380 watts. This step up in chip speed and power is still presented in a S7-type design for easy deployment and long term use. Bitmain sees this step from 28nm to 16nm as a crucial change in the mining cycle and long term use of the miners … Read the rest

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PayPal Halts Service In Turkey

PayPal has decided to no longer offer their services in Turkey because the company could not get the necessary license from the local authorities. If even payment giants like PayPal are facing regulatory scrutiny, perhaps it is time for a change.

The news about PayPal no longer being available in Turkey took a lot of people by surprise. In fact, no one saw this decision coming, leaving a lot of business and enterprises wondering which online payment method they should use next. After all, PayPal is one of the most commonly accepted global payment methods in the world.

PayPal Halts Service In Turkey

Licensing Issues

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ПАММ-инвестирование: неделя 9

Инвестиции в ПАММ-счета

Результаты инвестирования в ПАММ-счета Прайвета. Под катом отчет.


Victory положил 2 индекса Прайвета и мой портфель заодно. Что еще раз доказывает, что принцип «too big to fail» не работает, и на форексе следует быть более осторожным при инвестициях. Но в моем случае портфель останется агрессивным, так как консервативный доход мне идет со Швейцарии, и данная часть инвестиций по плану должна быть агрессивной (это можно понять из максимально-предполагаемой просадки по портфелю и других вероятностей в конце каждого отчета).

Опять же повторюсь.

Уважаемые рефералы, не копируйте мой портфель с данной серии статей. Он очень агрессивен. По поводу составления консервативного портфеля, пишите

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Spells of Genesis Release 2016

Geneva, Switzerland — The first blockchain-based trading card game (TCG), Spells of Genesis (SoG), developed by Swiss online game developer EverdreamSoft, is set to launch in September with a soft release scheduled for August.

Spells of Genesis to Launch Fall 2016

The soft launch will be in smaller, English-speaking markets, and possibly Japan via Apple’s and Google’s app stores.

According to the latest “roadmap” released this month, updated game versions with additional features will also be put out by EverdreamSoft in the ensuing months until the full release this fall, where the TCG will be available worldwide for download on … Read the rest

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