Tumblebit Adds Tor Integration, Nears Completion

Tumblebit, which garnered much hype after its announcement in August 2016, it finally closing in on completion after adding support for the Tor browser.

What is Tumblebit?

Tumblebit is the Bitcoin network’s first trustless payment hub that lets users “mix” their coins. It allows for payments to be made between parties while adding a high degree of anonymity for everyone involved, while at the same time not have a third party that could run away with the funds. No one will be able to see where the coins are coming from, or where they are ending up.

The Fungibility Issue

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KickAssTorrents Moves to the Darknet With Tor

Tor has been embroiled in several controversies in the past few weeks, but it is still widely considered the best option for circumventing state censorship on the internet. Due to recent draconian blockades of peer-to-peer filesharing by the UK, Norway, and others, KickAssTorrents, the most visited public tracker on the web, has opened up a hidden service mirror of their website to help those in the growing list of countries that enable internet censorship access their massive repository of torrents.  

KickAssTorrents Has An Official Tor Hidden Service

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