Logitech Created a Wireless Charging Mousepad that Makes Wireless Gaming a Reality

logitech logo The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3), one of the biggest gaming industry conferences, is currently undergoing and while companies like Microsoft and Sony have been announcing new games and consoles, Logitech announced a wireless charging mousepad that took them four years of research and development to create, and it’s called Powerplay.

Charging wireless mice on a mouse pad

Wireless mice were never really a thing for gamers, as batteries can be unreliable, and no one wants to lose a game because the mouse ran out of battery. Now, with Logitech’s Powerplay wireless mousepad, gamers can finally adopt wireless mice. The charging… Read the rest

IBM Q Offers Quantum Computing as a Service

  Quantum computing has always sparked the imagination of technology enthusiasts and scientists. Until now, the process to gain access to a supercomputer remains quite expensive. IBM hopes to change all that by launching the “Q” service, which provides quantum computing as a service. An intriguing development that will potentially spur a new race to build the world’s fastest supercomputer.

A Quantum Computer as a Service

On paper, it sounds rather crazy to think anyone in the world could get access to a supercomputer. Most consumers and small businesses do not have any use for this technology whatsoever. Computers Read the rest

Android Trumps Windows as Most Popular Operating System for Internet Usage

  Internet usage is booming all over the world, yet there are some interesting changes to take note of. For the first time in history, Android is the most popular operating system when it comes to internet usage. Windows, the popular operating system developed by Microsoft, is now in second place. An interesting chance, although it remains to be seen how the charts look a month from now.

Android Popularity Rises Among Internet Users

In a way, it not surprising to find out a mobile operating system is the premier choice to access the internet. Consumers are far more likely Read the rest

“The Last Moments” Lets Viewers Experience Assisted Suicide In VR

virtual reality suicide

Virtual reality is a great piece of technology and offers many possibilities for the future. The Last Moments is a very different kind of virtual reality, though, as it allows “users” to experience assisted suicide. A very controversial business model, according to some people, yet the team behind The Last Moments feels this is an important project.

Experiencing Assisted Suicide Through Virtual Reality

The topic of assisted suicide is quite controversial in its own right. Resorting to this method as a way to end suffering is a moral gray area, even though there is are valid reasons to use this Read the rest

US Government Successfully Extracts Data From Trump Protestors’ Locked Phones

TheMerkle US Government Data Extraction Locked Phone

Trump protesters may find themselves in a bit of an awkward position right now. During the protests on Inauguration day, federal prosecutors successfully obtained a lot of personal data from locked mobile devices. This information is now being turned into a cloud-based database and will be made accessible to the lawyers of over 200 defendants accused of felony rioting. A very troublesome development, that much is certain.

Felony Rioting Will Not Go By Unpunished

It has to be said, President Trump‘s Inauguration day did not go off without a hitch. While protests were to be expected, no one expected Read the rest

New Solar Cell Converts 26.1% of Sunlight to Electricity

TheMerkle More Efficient Solar Cell

Engineers and researchers make a lot of progress in the solar energy industry these days. The latest breakthrough comes in the form of a new type of solar panel capable of converting over 25% of the received sunlight into electricity. That is quite a significant development in the solar energy industry, as the silicon solar cell comes close to the maximum level of efficiency possible.

Improved Solar Cells Are A Big Step Forward

Renewable energy sources have become of the hottest trends as of late. Governments, enterprises, and consumers are looking for alternative ways to generate electricity, preferably as an Read the rest