The story started in the mid-August 2013 when, in order to earn some extra money, I began to explore what online jobs could help me to fulfill this desire. I don’t know much about online marketing, so I decided to try with PTC sites. On all the forums I have read was said that PTCs are easiest for beginners.
PTC means paid-to-click. In another words: after registration on the PTC website, you will see dozens of advertisements on it. You need to click on one of the following adverts and stay on the page about 10-20 seconds. For seeing that advertisement you are paid about $0.001.Then you repeat the same with other ads…
Of course, there are a lot of PTC sites on the internet and I have read that some of them are frauds – when it comes time to pay they just skip to do it. However, there are reliable sites also and most of people who work online using them agree that – when you ask for payment, you get your money momentarily.
I decided to use NEOBUX, because the majority of people said – it is the best. They do not pay the highest amount of money per click in comparison with some other PTC sites. Butwhen you ask for payment – you are paid automatically. Within just a few seconds.
The second reason is related to something called a ‘referral’. Referral also brings money to the members of PTC sites. I will write more about referrals later, now just a short note. Referrals are people who are persuaded by you to register on PTC site, click on ads and earn money in that way. When you convince someone to register on PTC site and mark you as the person who recruited him, you earn a certain amount of money every time when that person click on it ads. So, you earn directly – clicking personally on advertisements and indirectly – when people recruited by you are clicking on their ads. In fact, the majority of your earnings comes from your referrals.The more you have it, the better.
However, I am not skilled in how to persuade people to do something, even if it brought them profit and even if they are my friends and family. I’m not the type of ‘seller’. That is why NEOBUX proved to be the right decision for me: this website allows two types of referrals.Direct (which I have just described) and rented. As well as direct, rented referrals are clicking on the ads and you earn from their clicking. The way you reach them is different: you buy rented referrals from NEOBUX on a certain period of time. During this period, they are clicking for you and you earn from them. One rented referral will cost you around $0.2 per month. I am not familiar with any other PTC site except NEOBUX that have the option to rent referrals.
In short:
NEOBUX is a site which you join, and then you click on offered advertisements .From each youearn about $0.001 (some of them are paid more);
Registration on NEOBUX is free and does not have to invest any money in it;
On the other hand, you have to be willing to put the effort and the work on NEOBUXat least onehour a day to earn significant amount of money;
$100 monthly profit can be reached only for a few months, so this is a job for thepatient;
You can earn money on NEOBUX in three main ways: by yourself – when you are clicking on advertisements, from direct referrals and from rented referrals;
Also, you can earn on a few ways, which I will explain later.
First day, 08/16/2013:
My first step was the registration on NEOBUX – you can do it as well, by clicking on the link below:
Register now..

neobax 1101
Then I filled out the information they wanted. It is important to write your real nameand surname,date of birth and other things. Also, you are asked for an e–mailaddress that you actively use, as well as an e–mail address for your PayPal or Payzaaccount – on this account you will transfer your money earned on NEOBUX, and thenmoney will be transferred to your bank account when youask. If you don t have bank acount, you can sign up for free and get the bonus. You can choose  Payza , Scrill  and start to receive money.
I joined the NEOBUX from my own home computer, because I’ve read about the NEOBUX policy which allows one account per computer. So there is no way that one person has two accounts on NEOBUX from the same computer – both accounts would be suspended. Of course, I did not check if it is a truth, I picked up this rule for granted and have never clicked on adsfrom a computer at work, where more of usshare the same internet connection, for fearthat my account could be suspended.More about this topic can be read on the NEOBUX site, under the Terms of Service (2– User Account).
After registering, I went to my profile via the Login. I clicked on the View Advertisements. This page looks like this:


neobax 21102

Advertisements you have to click on are divided into several groups. The most important areORANGE Fixed Advertisements. You have to click on them every day.There are four of them andeach of them brings earnings of $0.001. They are themost important because if you do not clickon the orange adverts every day, you will not receive earnings from your referrals – this topic will be explained later.
Other ads in the offer are: Purple Fixed Advertisements (15-20 per day); Micro andMini Exposure(a few per day), as well as Standard and Extended Exposure whichappears sometimes. FromPurple and Micro Exposure advertisements you can earn$0.001 per click, from Mini Exporure$0.005, from Standard Exposure $0.010 andfrom Extended Exposure of $0.015.
Anyway, in the initial phase I’d clicked on about 40 ads a day and earn about $0.06. Afrustratinglittle. My goal, as well as a goal of all who are working on PTC sites, was to get to the first referralsand start making money indirectly.
I concentrated on renting referrals. They were sold in packets, and the smallest wasa pack of three referrals at a cost of $0.6 ($0.2 per one) for the period of one month.It was, therefore,necessary to click on ads for ten days to earn that money. Longtime… and I was impatient.
Then I found out two other ways to make money on NEOBUX and significantly speed uprenting first referrals. One of them was AdPrize, located on the View Advertisements page. In theAdPrize box is written ‘0’. However, each time you clickon an advertisement on View Advertisements page – number in the AdPrize box increases:

neobax 31102

And when you click on AdPrize box, a new page appears where you are alsowatching ads for 10-20 seconds. You are not paid in cash for watching, but there is a chance to win a prize. Let me give an example: I clicked on 10 ads on View Advertisements page. For each I earned somemoney, but also I won 3 chances to winthe award in AdPrize box. 10 ads – 30 AdPrize chances.At the end of each AdPrizeclicking a notification appears: Advertisement validated. Nothing wonthis time.Good luck next time! If you win a prize, which is not rare and people who useAdPrizeoption regularly win prize 1-2 times a week, the following notice appears:Congratulations! You’vewon an AdPrize.
The prizes are in cash and they are added automatically to your account (MainBalance). The maximum amount that I received is $0.5, two times. In addition, I havewon $0.25, well as points.They also play an important role in NEOBUX strategy.

neobax 103

Another additional way to earn money is Mini Jobs, located on the Offers page. Youcan find a variety of tasks there and all you need is to solve them. For your work, you will be prized with theamount of money written in the green box. Range is from 1 cent to about 30 or more cents per completed task.

neobax 303

Tasks are different, in English and other languages, and not too complicated. For example, it is required to click on a specific page and make sure if the author’s nameis written on article or not.And then type ‘yes’ or ‘no’ in the offered box. Or you haveto watch a video about 30 seconds on YouTube and specify which category it belongs – pop music, TV shows, movies… Each task provides detailed description ofwhat needs to be done. You earn money immediate upon the completion of the task. I‘ve earned the most money through solving Mini Jobs tasks. For everyearned $1 on solving Mini Jobs tasks, NEOBUX rewards you with a $0.12.
Fourth day, 08/19/2013:
Thanks to clicking on the ads on View Advertisement page, solving tasks on MiniJobs page andwinning prize on AdPrize, I’ve earned $0.6 in three days – enough to rent three referrals.
I went to a page that looks like this (I clicked on the button Refferals, circled in red):

neobax 403

I chose the offered package of referrals and paid for them. NEOBUX informed me that I have hiredthree referrals for one month. Clicking on the little ‘man’ at the top,you are entering the page with information on rented referrals:

neobax 603

On various blogs I’ve read about the NEOBUX strategies and one advice was present often: to wait with renting first referrals until you have $2 on the account, because they are rented for 30 daysand after that you should extend their membership – this strategy is applied to avoid a situation to be short with money in a time of re-renting referrals. However, I was impatient and I rented firstreferrals immediately – as soon as I collected $0.6.
Now I started to earn from referrals clicks. However, earnings from rented referrals is not achievedfor their clicking on all adverts from View Advertisements page. You can earn from their clicks on:Orange Fixed Advertisements ($0.005 per click), Standard Exposure ($0.005 per click) andExtended Exposure ($0.01 per click). Basically, if three rented referrals click on 4 orange ads, 1 Standard Exposure and 1 Extended Exposure per one day, you can earn:

neobax 703

1 rented referral 4 orange ads 1 Standard Exposure 1 Extended Exposure
$0.02 $0.005 $0.01
daily: $0.035
monthly: $1.05
Of course, I had to count the costs as well. After 30 days, rented referral must be extend – youhave to pay his rent for the next period of time. I wanted to rent it for another month (there are other options as well), and for that I needed $0.2 per referral. So, the monthly earnings from one referralwere: $1.05 – $0.2 = $0.85.
I decided to start using the following strategy: the first 20 days I will only rent referrals from the earnings I generate, and the remaining 10-day I will collect money for the extension of their membership.
Eleventh day, 08/26/2013:
According to the NEOBUX rules, when you buy a package of rented referrals – you must wait forexactly one week to be able to buy another package. For that week I earned:
1 directly (by clicking advertisements and solving Mini Jobs) $3
* The most money brought me solving problems on Mini Jobs page. I have set as a goal to earn 1$ in every three days by solving the tasks (about $0.35 per day). I received the previously describedNEOBUX stimulation of $0.12 as well. So, I would earn about $2.6 per week, by solving Mini Jobs.I stick to this rule all the time.
2 indirectly (by rented referrals clicking) about $0.75
3 AdPrize $0.25
$4 in total. For that money I bought a pack of 20 referrals.
To repeat: if you want to receive earnings from your referrals, you have to click on four orangeadvertisements on View Advertisements page every day. Otherwise, you will not get money from the clicks of your referrals!
Eighteenth day, 09/02/2013:
In the past week, I made:
1 directly (by clicking advertisements, Mini Jobs and AdPrize) $3
2 indirectly (referrals referrals) $3.2
Approximately $6.2 in total.
For $6 I bought a pack of 30 referrals. Then, for a week, I collected money for their rental extensionfor next month (53 referrals x $0.2, a total of $10,6). During the first month at NEOBUX I’veworked about two hours (clicking on adverts, solving tasks on Mini Jobs…). Although theminimum amount to be paid from NEOBUX to a PayPal or Payza account is $2, I didn’t transfer my profit in this phase: I used it for new investments and renting new referrals.

Re-renting referrals: on a daily bases you must monitor how much time is left to the expiration date of your rented referrals and a few hours or minutes before the expiry you must extend their rental period. You will not get from NEOBUX any notice thatreferral membership willexpire. If you are not careful and do not extend rental period on time – you lose referrals and you are fined with a few cents automatically removed from your account (Main Balance).
So, when the membership of the rented referrals is about to expire, on the page with referrals you have to tick referral whose rental period you want to proceed. Then, in the yellow box below the table (in which is written: What do you want to do with the selected referrals?) you select the option I want to extend their rental for…
Rental period can be extended to 15, 30, 60, 90, 150 or 240 days. The longer period – the higherdiscount:

neobax 803
1 rented referral to 15 days to 30 days to 60 days to 90 days to 150 days to 240 days
$0.10 $0.19 $0.36 $0.49 $0.75 $1.12
133 points 253 points 480 points 653 points 1000 points 1493 points

These prices apply if you have up to 250 rented referrals. Below the selected option, appears inprint Total amount to pay: $ or Points. Select whether you want to pay in cash or with points andclick on Click here to confirm.
September, October and November 2013:
Maximum number of referrals on the NEOBUX for standard member – I speak about standard membership from the very beginning – is 300. In order to have more referrals, you must purchaseGolden package, which I’ll discuss later. Anyway, my first goal was to reach 300 referrals. Allearned money I used for the purchase of new referrals, as well as to extend their rental period for the next 30 days. I transfer the amount of $5 to my Payza account only once (just to check if thepayment system works – and it works!). After all, earning money is the goal of all of this.
Unfortunately, I’ve noticed one trend. The referrals I rented were clicking every day on at least fouradvertisements in the BEGINNING – while I had a few of referrals. As the number of rented referralswere increasing, the number of their clicks decreased. In other words, the ideal situation would bethat if we have 103 rented referrals and each clicks on 4 ads per day – you earn $0.6 per 30 days(1 referral) or $61.8 in total (103 x $0.6). In practice, however, a good result for a rented referral if you have standard membership is if they achieve an average of 1.5 to 2 clicks per day (2 x $0.005) – $0.3per month. 103 referrals will earn up to $30 (for their rental on a monthly basis you need$19.57, so your pure profit is about $10.5). There is an option which could ‘push’ number of clicks a bit – called recycling referrals. More about this you can read at the end of the text.
My way to 300 rented referrals went like this:
09/16/2013 I rented 30 referrals
* during the previous week, I raised money for rent: $3 directly (clicking advertisements, Mini Jobsand AdPrize) and $3.7 indirectly (by clicking of 53 rented referrals);
09/23/2013 I rented 40 referrals
* during the previous week, I raised money for rent: $3 directly (clicking advertisements, Mini Jobsand AdPrize) and $5.8 indirectly (by clicking of 83 rented referrals);
09/30/2013 I rented 50 referrals (I had 173 in total)
* during the previous week, I raised money for rent: $3 directly (clicking advertisements, Mini Jobsand AdPrize) and about $7.75 indirectly (by clicking of 123 rented referrals – the average number ofclicks decreased to 1.8).
Over the next eighteen days, I was collecting money for the extension of rental period for 173referrals for the next month. I needed about $34.6.
10/25/2013 I rented 50 referrals
* during the previous week, I raised money for rent: $3 directly (clicking advertisements, Mini Jobsand AdPrize) and $10.9 indirectly (by clicking of 173 rented referrals). After the purchase of 50referrals, there were $3.9 on my account;
11/01/2013 I rented 50 referrals
* during the previous week, I raised money for rent: $3 directly (clicking advertisements, Mini Jobsand AdPrize) and $12.5 indirectly (by clicking of 223 rented referrals – the average number of clicksdecreased to 1.6). After the purchase of 50 referrals, there were $9.4 on my account;
11/08/2013 I rented 30 referrals (I had 300 in total, because I let to expire rental period of my 3referrals with a bad average of clicking – did not extend their rental period)
* during the previous week, I raised money for rent: $3 directly (clicking advertisements, Mini Jobsand AdPrize) and $15.3 indirectly (by clicking of 273 rented referrals). After the purchase of 30referrals, there were $21.7 on my account.
Next steps and points:
My next goal was to collect $90, the amount I needed it to purchase Golden Membership. Of course, I continued to rent 300 referrals monthly on a regular bases. To speed up a littlefundraising for Golden membership, for the first time I used the points.
What are the points? In fact, when you click on advertisements on View Advertisements page, not only to earn money but also gain points – 1 click = 1 point. Number of collected points can be found here:

neobax 903

Collected points can‘t be used to purchase new referrals, but can be used for the extension of their rental period. So, when the rental period of the rented referrals isabout to expire, on the page withreferrals you tick the referral whose rental period you want to proceed. Then in the yellow boxbelow the table (where is written: Whatdo you want to do with the selected referrals?) you select the option I want toextend their rental for… Below the selected option appears: Total amount topay: $ or Points. Select whether you want to pay in cash or with points and click on Clickhere toconfirm.
One referral extension for a next month costs about 250 points. In the three-monthperiod ofeveryday clicking on 40 ads, I collected about 3,600 points – enough to extend, using this payment method, rental period for 14 referrals. I also saved about $20, so I could extend the rental period of additional 108 referrals.
Over the past two weeks I raised $40: $6 directly (clicking advertisements, Mini Jobsand AdPrize)and $34 indirectly (by clicking of 300 rented referrals – the average number of clicks decreased to1.5). Earned money I saved for the extension of rental period of remaining referrals and at this pointI started to collect money for Goldenmembership.
Over the past two weeks I raised about $40.
Over the past twelve days I raised another $37. Then I got lucky: NEOBUX, because of the Christmas, reduced price for the Golden membership on $70. This promotionlasted only four days,but I had money in the right time! So, I made the purchase.
Golden membership:

This membership is valid exactly one year, after which it must be extended. The next day after purchasing Golden Membership, I began to earn at a looot higher speed.The earnings from the clicks of my rented referrals were higher: Orange FixedAdvertisements ($0.01 per click –twice), Standard Exposure ($0.01 per click – twice)and Extended Exposure ($0.02 per click –twice). The value of my own clicks also increased: Extended Exposure (from $0.015 to $0.02)and Orange FixedAdvertisements (from $0.001 to $0.01). The number of orange adverts per increased from 4 to 9. In addition, NEOBUX stimulation for solving Mini jobs tasks was higher:when you reach $1, you get $0.24 – twice. Finally, the number of referrals you can rent also increased: from 300 (standard membership) to 2,000 (Golden).
On the other hand, you rent referrals in a different way now: you collect $17 andapply for theRental Queue in order to buy a package of 55 referrals (about $0.3 per one). Also, the average number of rented referrals clicks significantly decreased – inmy case, they are now achievingaverage clicks of 1.1 to 1.2 during the day. They achieve higher average during the working days,and smaller average during theweekends.
In numbers it looks like this:
1. You still need to have money for the extension of referrals rental period. If you do this on a monthly basis, you need $60;
2. For one month of clicking, your rented referral now brings about $110 to you;
3 Within a month of your own clicking, including AdPrize and Mini Jobs, you earn about $20 now.
Pure profit is $100 monthly.

Now you have two options:
1. To stay on this level and continue earning with your 300 referrals – and transfer your earnings onyour PayPal or Payza account: $100 each month;
2. To be patient and continue with investing in renting referrals (with Goldenmembership you canhave up to 2,000 referrals, and with the Ultimate 4,000 ormore). What would be your profit in this case – calculate on your own
The minimum amount to be paid:
The minimum amount that you must have at NEOBUX account in order to requestmoney transferon PayPal or Payza account is $2. After the first payment, to requestanother you must have $1 more than with the first payment. During each nextpayment amount is raised for $1, until you reach the sum of $10. It now becomes a fixed minimum amount required for payment.

If the referral achieves the average number of clicks less than 1, and has a large number of inactivedays, there is a possibility to recycle him – to replace him withother referral. It is necessary toselect box with unwanted referral and then in the yellow box below the table (where is written:What do you want to do with theselected referrals?) to choose the option I want to recycle them. After that, you choose Click here to confirm. Recycling costs $0.07, or 93 points.
NEOBUX will, if you didn’t do it on your own, recycle inactive referrals from your listafter 14 days of inactivity. This is a free option.
I recycled referrals more at the beginning, when I had fewer ones. Later, I relied onNEOBUX torecycle them. What’s better – I do not know.
I activated this option when I had rented the first three referrals. If referral clicks onadvertisementsduring the day, and the Autopay option is turned on – it extends hisrental time for one more day (rental period is 31 days instead of 30). So, you get oneday of clicking gratis, but Autopay will charge you with $0.0057 for this ‘service’. I turned off Autopay option when I got to 300 rentedreferrals and started to collectmoney for Golden membership. After that I didn’t re-activated this option.
Direct referrals:
I mentioned them at the beginning of the text. If you have relatives, friends and acquaintances whowould be glad to earn some money and want to invest some timein working on the NEOBUX site –you will not need four months to get to profit of $100 – you will need significantly less.
Here’s why… You don’t have to extend rental period of direct referral. Once your direct referraljoined the NEOBUX on your recommendation – he is ‘yours‘ forever.When he is clicking on your ads, you make money from him: for Orange FixedAdvertisements ($0.0005 if you are a standard member, $0.005 if you are Golden), Standard and Extended Exposure ($0.005 if you are astandard member, $0.01 if you are Golden). Also, if your direct referral solved tasks on Mini Jobspage, you will receive a commission: 12% of the sum which he has earned.
So, if your direct referral clicks on the 4 orange adverts, 2 Standard and 2 Extendedand earns$0.35 on solving Mini Jobs tasks – you will earn $0.064 a day from his activity. It is about $2 monthly per direct referral if you are a standard member. If you are a Golden member, you will earn$0.1 per day, and about $3 monthly per direct referral. And with no cost at all. If you have 30 direct referrals, you will earnfrom them about $60 a month as a standard member or approximately $90per month as a Golden member.
How can someone become your direct referral? You will send him your referral linkto registeron NEOBUX page.

Copy the link and pass it to your friends to register using this link. That’s all!
How many direct referrals you can have? Main condition to begin with collectingdirect referrals is – to be a member of NEOBUX at least 15 days and to click on at least 100advertisements. When you fulfill this condition, you can have 30 direct referrals as a standardmember, but the number is increasing with the time (every 4days – you can have one more). As aGolden member, you can have 200 direct referrals, and this number is also increasing with time(every 2 days – you can have one more). As a Ultimate member, you can have 800 direct referrals, and this number is increasing with time (every day – you can have one more).
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