ERC20 Token Standard Officially Formalized by Ethereum Developers

TheMerkle ERC20 EIP20 Ethereum Most Ethereum and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have become familiar with ERC20 tokens. This token standard is used to create new forms of currency on the Ethereum blockchain. Now that Ethereum Improvement Proposal 20 has been formally adopted, the ERC20 token standard is officially instituted. This is a major development for the ecosystem as a whole, as the proposal also formally establishes API standards for Ethereum-based tokens.

ERC20 is now an Instituted Standard

Although many people have gotten used to the concept of ERC20 tokens, the “standard” itself was never an actual standard to begin with. Rather, it was a way for Read the rest

Gold Can Secure Stable Growth for Cryptocurrency Markets

goldmint In the 21st century, physical metallic gold no longer represents the same value it did in the past. Instead of hoarding and trading physical gold, many individuals now trade bonds and representations thereof. Can the same mechanism and investor mindset sustaining the price of gold today provide any further value for cryptocurrency?

The History of Gold

Gold has been a store of wealth and currency for a long time. The first gold coins were first struck in Lydia around 600 BC. The metal was valued for its lustrous properties, its malleability, and its lack of reactivity (meaning it does not Read the rest

Buy a Lamborghini With Bitcoin in Newport Beach

TheMerkle lamborghini Bitcoin It is always good to see more retailers accepting Bitcoin payments. Unfortunately, the process has traditionally been quite difficult, as many businesses still think of Bitcoin as being too volatile. Given the recent Bitcoin price swings, their hesitation is certainly understandable. One Lamborghini retailer near Newport Beach, California is now accepting Bitcoin payments through BitPay. Although this is not an indication of the entire company supporting cryptocurrency, it is still an intriguing development.

Bitcoin Brings the Lambos to the Yard

When people make bank, they often joke that they will buy a Lamborghini with their profits (at least that is Read the rest

AdEx announces partnership with content platform Snip

Decentralized advertisement network AdEx has announced its partnership with the content platform Snip.

The AdEx Platform

AdEx is a decentralized advertisement platform that uses blockchain technology to offer a fast, secure and efficient advertisement network. The platform was founded by the same team that created Streamio, a video content aggregator. On June 30, 2017, the AdEx token sale was able to raise the impressive amount of 40,000 Ether. In the last couple of weeks, the development progress of the AdEx platform has greatly increased. With an official blog post, the AdEx team showcased several screenshots of the new upcoming AdEx… Read the rest

Nearly 3,000 Bitcoin Miners Were Exposed to a Remote Telnet Attack

TheMerkle Bitcoin Miners Telnet Access Bitcoin miners are always targets for criminals and other assailants. Around 3,000 Bitcoin miners were recently exposed to a potential Telnet-based attack. All of these miners seemingly use the same mining pool to generate Bitcoin and they may very well belong to the same organization. It is unclear who owns the devices exactly, but they seemingly all use a Chinese IP address. Thankfully, the miners were taken offline shortly afterward to resolve this issue.

Telnet Attacks can Disrupt Bitcoin Mining

It is quite disconcerting to learn how a Telnet-based attack could have caused major problems for nearly 3,0000 Bitcoin miners. Read the rest

Blockstream Introduces Satellite Systems to Access the Blockchain

Sending money via GPS satellite sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but soon it could become a real service for people to use all over the world. Blockchain specialist company Blockstream has introduced satellites that can help people that don’t have internet access the Bitcoin network.

Beaming Blocks Via Satellite

Blockstream, a leading company in blockchain technologies, has introduced a brand-new way to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain. Marketed towards people without easy access to reliable internet, they have leased out bandwidth on three satellites that are currently in orbit around the planet. These satellites will allow… Read the rest