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Personal Finance: Family & Money Saving Strategies

It is not easy for many people to save money, regardless of how hard they try. The situation becomes worse with marriage and the arrival of kids since expenses and the cost of living increase while incomes remain constant. It is during such times that the culture of saving is relegated to pave way for the increased spending on the family. You can, however, still save a considerable amount if you make use of the next guidelines.

Derive a family meal plan and stick to it to avoid making frequent impromptu trips to fast food outlets and restaurants for costly food purchases. Your spending on unhealthy fast foods is enough to enable you to prepare several home-made meals. Without a plan, you will just create excuses to eat out, and that can add up in a short period. You can even use online meal planners to help you get started.

Evaluate the services that you subscribe to and eliminate one every year, starting with the least important. Cable services, and golf club and gym memberships are just some of the services that you should evaluate. The point is to avoid paying for services that you hardly use or could do without.

Life insurance is a family income protection tool that you should invest in. With such insurance, your partner and kids will not suffer financially in case of your demise. Such monies will help them meet their day to day expenses before they find alternative income generating options.

The fact that certain items are cheapest during certain seasons of the year makes it important to learn about sales cycles. Stock up on items like clothing and shoes during such periods to avoid paying more for them when prices rise. You can get notifications of price drops by subscribing to email listings.

Apart from couponing, there exist a few other strategies that you could use to shop smart. Since every trip you make to the grocery store is an opportunity to buy something out of impulse, you need to buy items in bulk, which will also allow you to save on gas. Also, shop when your kids are in school because you may find it hard to say no when they clamor for certain unnecessary items.

Before buying appliances and furniture, ensure to carry out a price comparison exercise. The differences in prices charged by different stores will surprise you. Over a year, even savings that seem insignificant could amount to loads of cash that you could use for something useful.

Another area that could lead to savings in DYIing, where savings on professional fees are possible. If you just took some time to read DIY tips that are all over the web, you will be an expert in almost anything. It will now be possible to fix faults in your electrical system, plumbing, HVAC, roof, and others. Additionally, you could save on cleaners and detergents if you learn how to make them.

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