Blockstream Introduces Satellite Systems to Access the Blockchain

Sending money via GPS satellite sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but soon it could become a real service for people to use all over the world. Blockchain specialist company Blockstream has introduced satellites that can help people that don’t have internet access the Bitcoin network.

Beaming Blocks Via Satellite

Blockstream, a leading company in blockchain technologies, has introduced a brand-new way to interact with the Bitcoin blockchain. Marketed towards people without easy access to reliable internet, they have leased out bandwidth on three satellites that are currently in orbit around the planet. These satellites will allow… Read the rest

The Bitcoin Network is Now in Outer Space

The Merkle Internet In Space SpaceX Elon Musk With Bitcoin’s price skyrocketing recently, many traders have their eyes and minds on the moon. Blockstream, the blockchain technology company, quite literally wants to put Bitcoin in outer space with the use of satellites. It is offering access to the Bitcoin network for everyone on earth, projected from space!

Bitcoin in Space

Those of us familiar with Bitcoin know that decentralization is a key feature of the network. However, those of us living in Western nations often take our ease of access to the network for granted. There are scores of people on this planet that do not have reliable Read the rest

Play the World’s Biggest Lotteries with Bitcoin at LottoPark

MegaMillions, Powerball, EuroMillions, SuperEnlatto… Every year people spend billions on these and other lottery games around the world. Now Bitcoin users can get in on the action and try their luck at
In 2015 global lottery sales totaled just under $280 billion and that figure rose by another 4% in 2016 to just over $291 billion. Some of the most popular lottery games worldwide include:
  • SuperEnlatto
  • Eurojackpot
  • Euro Millions
  • UK Lottery
  • Powerball
  • Mega Millions
While it has been possible to buy lottery tickets online for some time now, Bitcoin users have been left out in the cold. Until now.… Read the rest

The Secret Hedge Fund That is Outperforming Bitcoin

This ‘stealth’ cryptocurrency hedge fund is being backed by the top venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. Choosing instead to let its performance numbers speak for themselves, the fund has shied away from the spotlight and never even announced its recent fundraising round.

The Way Forward

Secret Hedge Fund - the Way Forward

MetaStable Capital, is a hedge fund in ‘stealth’ mode that primarily focuses on cryptocurrencies and ICOs. One of hedge funds founders is the well-known CEO of AngelList, Naval Ravikant. This unique hedge fund has been exclusively investing in prominent cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, and the strategy has paid off. The startup has … Read the rest

BitBike: This Bitcoin-Powered ‘AirBnB’ for Bicycles Wants Your Vote

BitBike, a P2P bike sharing startup using Bitcoin for payment, is currently looking for votes to determine the first cities for launch.

‘AirBnB’ for Bikes with Bitcoin

The aim of the bike hire initiative is for people to both rent their own bike and hire them out to other BitBike members using a mobile phone app. Users will be able to browse bikes that are currently available and the BitBike website promises that there will be user reviews too. Payments will be made by scanning a QR code with your phone and the website states that the app will accept… Read the rest

Bit Paymer Ransomware Demands a 53 Bitcoin Payment

TheMerkle Bit Paymer Ransomware We have seen many different types of ransomware over the past few years. Most of these malicious tools demand a Bitcoin payment. Bit Paymer is one with a very elaborate ransom note explaining how and where victims should buy Bitcoin to pay the criminals. Let’s take a closer look at Bit Paymer.

Bit Paymer Wants People to get Acquainted with Buying Bitcoin

Security researcher Michael Gillespie has come across Bit Paymer some time ago. This particular malware encrypts files on your computer and appends a custom file extension. In this case, that is the “.locked” file extension. Not the most Read the rest