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A Guide to Credit Card Readers

Credit card readers are now a necessity in business nowadays in order to accept credit point of sale. Employee cards, consumer cards and gift certificates are also some of the things that can be read by credit card readers. The most basic role but the most crucial role done by the credit card reader is to read the credit card in order to complete a made transaction. What makes it very critical is that the credit card reader should interpret and transfer the information from the credit card of the customer and inform the business person if the customer’s credit card still has the enough credit in order to make the purchase.

The black stripe on the back of a credit card contains all the important information the credit card reader need in order to verify and complete a transaction, and that is also why merchants always ask what type of credit card you are going to use in order to match the credit card reader’s setting with your credit card. The main reason why merchants ask you or they swipe your credit card into credit card readers is for the credit card reader to get the embedded date on the black stripe at the back of the card and send it to the central tracking and billing system which also forwards the transaction made to the credit card company. After that, the credit card company then confirms after getting the confirmation from the issuing bank that, the credit card used in the transaction if legitimate and also states that the amount issued for the purchase is below the credit limit or not.

Normally, a credit card will always have a magnetic stripe reader to be able to read the embedded information in the black strip of your credit card, a small screen that will display the input information through the keypad. Some credit card readers also have a built in printer on them while some have not but still can be connected to a separate printer, and credit card readers can be connected to a machine with the use of serial ports or even a USB.

For business people who are more into traveling then mobile credit card readers are going to suit them very well because they are very lightweight and they are very small that they can easily fit the person’s pocket.

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